Time to Steer

Time to steer this ship down a better road. Its not about resisting, its about redefining our vision… our perception of what is. Let the veils fall to a greater vision so that we might see beyond the duality, beyond the black and white into the finer realms of reality.

If you feel the feeling of resistance in your body, you will feel sort of a constraining feeling. If instead you feel the feeling of something you are “FOR” instead of “AGAINST” you feel the sensation of positive forward moving energy. Your solar plexus area unclenches. Big difference. I think it is trying to tell you something.
Look beneath the surface of the mundane reality that seems to surround you.
Some songs for the road…

It’s Coming On — Grace Gravity

Love Joy — Corrine Champigny & Brian D. Hardin with Bhagavan Das

for those in the “know” … No One Doesn’t Know — Pet Buffalo


Some navigators worth checking out —


The I Ching Weekly with Bobby Klein

Astrology for the Soul


Art: Teri Hitt

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