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Grace Gravity: Grace Gravity

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Discovering ever truer ways to live, feel, and be.

As we continue to wake up to just what kind of situation we are in, here’s some songs reporting in. Ideas on navigating through the current energies and states of being. We are learning how to continually grow within ourselves and DRIVE.  Finding our place in the creation of a NEW NOW with magic fully intact.
*Recorded at 432hz


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Dream Series:

High Quality Art Prints

Paintings from a series of dreams ... 

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Dreams Book

32 Page
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Paintings from dreams woven together into a story of cosmic awakening. A journey of remembrance and SELF discovery for all ages.



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The Unzoned Gods

Sci-Fi Book Series

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The first book, Moon, begins the unraveling with the introduction of Genevieve Sweet, a woman who receives a letter in a lucid dream requesting her help on a project on the moon.

If you received a letter in a dream to take a trip to the moon … 
Would you go?

A sci-fi series about the mysterious “unzoned gods” and what they have done with the Earth over eons.





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