Grace Gravity

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We are finding new ways to live, feel, and BE. We are evolving. Songs reporting in on the situation as we navigate through these new energies and learn how to be fully ourselves and come together. Recorded at 432hz.

Teri Hitt Vocals & Guitar
Brian D. Hardin Drums, Keys, Secret Sounds
Guitars: Chris Jacks, Vreny Van Eslande, Jeff Reiner, Stacey Cargal, Jim Whelan
Bass: June Kato
Cello: Michael Fitzpatrick
Hammond B3: Christopher Lopez
Keys: Jim Whelan
Sax: Chester C. Washington
Background vocals: Corrine Champigny

All songs © 2013 Teri Hitt except *© Jeff Reiner and Teri Hitt. All Rights Reserved.
Produced and Engineered by Brian D. Hardin
Cover Photo: Brian Hardin
Inside Photo: Ellie Zenhari
Art & CD Design: Teri Hitt.
Additional Photos: NASA (public domain)
All of the songs on this CD were recorded at 432 hz except Part of It All.

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