Its been 3 long years but the CD is finally done… I am so thankful for all the wonderful musicians that played on the CD … and Brian Hardin’s huge help in making this all sound so great. Thank you!
Grace Gravity: Grace Gravity

Also Available on ITunes: Grace Gravity - Grace Gravity

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I hope these songs make you feel good, inspired and motivated to your soul’s purpose, your heart’s desire. Love and Compassion are the keys to everything. It’s a frequency and it is just the space we must access to fill the present and get on with creating the future.

Songs on the CD:
Time of The Turning
Zero Hour
Wall of Fog
Turn Your Light On
Here and Now
Part of It All
Be Here Now
War Against War
Do It Again
Slipping Trains of Thought
Change Your Mind


Teri Hitt: Vocals & Guitar

Brian D. Hardin:Drums, Keys, Secret Sounds

Guitars: Chris Jacks, Vreny Van Eslande,

Jeff Reiner, Stacey Cargal, Jim Whelan

Bass: June Kato

Cello: Michael Fitzpatrick

Hammond B3: Christopher Lopez

Keys: Jim Whelan

Sax: Chester C. Washington

Background vocals: Corrine Champigny

Thanks to Brian for making this CD happen with so much love and creativity. The utmost respect and gratitude to all the musicians that are a part of this creation. May the true purpose of music and art be remembered always.

*All the songs except, Part of It All were recorded at 432 hz.