TH_Dreamer-ScreenGrabWe Are All Artists

We spend our lives discovering ourselves — momentarily touching our full capacity, moving in and out, between awake and sleep. One moment we are our more direct being, the us that is a full and balanced expression, and the next we haven fallen into a robotical copy of someone or something. Maybe it was television, maybe it was an ad that got us, maybe we are trying to fit in and don’t even know it.

To get to being ourselves more as it were, we become Artists. Artists of our lives. We dedicate ourselves to a work, a focus, that can be used as a teacher to show us — through stages of personal growth, who we are. Whether it is painting, writing, singing, playing an instrument, gardening or whatever. Its something that can teach us.  It’s something that reveals ourselves to ourselves. It has an accumulative effect. The fruit of our labors. Flashes of truth and peace, a sense of discovery in our lives springing deep within, like butterflies …. appearing and letting their presence be known then disappearing forever, leaving us changed. Discover the artist within.
Discover who you are.




GG_AffairofTheARts2015_10I consider myself lucky to have been exposed to all the great inspiring music of the late 1960s and 70s. Everything from rock to soul to funk. Music that makes me feel good has a special element in it. The sheer sonic information that came through during that time is incomparable. Feats of consciousness that continue to resonate. All of the music that had “it” pointed me in the right direction early on and were literally a life boat for me. When you listen to really good music it sinks in and even more importantly, creates a space for you to live that is strong and hopeful, one that has a forward motion. Real present music changes you. It feeds you.

I Once Had A Dream Where I Met Myself In A Parallel Reality.

She Said, “I’ve Already Created All The Songs, I’m Just Sending

Them To You.”

That’s fine with me. — Grace Gravity




Flowers_TH_sm3-300x215I have always created art. I come from a lineage of artists, writers, poets, engineers and inventors. Painting is a vital part of my soul growth . . . to always continue to look inside, to envision and out-vision. To take the time to feel space and get out of time whenever possible. I aim to embody the vision as completely as I can and sometimes I succeed.

I created a series of paintings called Dreams. Paintings from dreams woven together into a story of cosmic awakening. A journey of remembrance and SELF discovery. I did these in acrylic and pen. I’ve created a paperback book of these paintings and also have prints and cards available. Find out more here:

I also am a Graphic Artist. You can find out more about that here:



MoonbooklargerwebMy latest creation is a psy-fi series called
The Unzoned Gods.
The first book, MOON, has been published on Amazon and CreateSpace. Book #2,
The Buddha and Athena is due out the end of 2016.